Help your child develop important character skills and martial arts abilities in a fun environment!

Prepare your child for success with the Little Ninjas program! By attending 2 to 3 of the 6 convenient class times each week, your child will begin following the standard CSMA curriculum. With small class sizes and age-specific techniques, our experienced instructors can spend more time helping your child gain confidence and skills.

What can you expect from our Little Ninjas classes?

  • Action-packed classes designed to keep your child energized
  • Disguised repetition to ensure beginning-to-end focus
  • A fun environment promoting confidence and important development skills
  • Safe lessons omitting contact sparring and jiu-jitsu until your child is ready for the Youth program (ages 8 to 13 years)

Once your child graduates to the Green Belt level (typically within 12 to 36 months), you can enroll them in the fast-paced youth program as they pursue their CSMA Academy Black Belt.

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