This specialized program is for children aged 5 to 7. The Canadian Sport Martial Arts Academy has six convenient class times for this program every week. Ideally, we would like parents to commit to sending their child to 2 or 3 classes per week. Classes are kept as small as possible to ensure a low student-to-teacher ratio. We typically omit “contact sparring” and “jiu-jitsu” from the curriculum until children reach the youth program (8-13 years). Our Ninja students are having so much fun in these classes without even realizing the important character and developmental skills they are acquiring alongside the martial arts instruction.

Unlike our Dragons program, the Little Ninjas program does follow our standard martial arts curriculum. This curriculum covers the same lessons and skills as the Youth and Adult programs yet the material is taught in an age-specific manner emphasizing disguised repetition and action-packed classes to keep the young students energized and focused from beginning to end. Once your child has graduated to the Green Belt level (12 to 36 months) they will be ready to join our fast-paced Youth program which will take them all the way to the Black Belt level.

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