The Little Dragons program is geared to children aged 3 to 5. Your child may attend 2 out of 5 scheduled classes each week -- to fit even the busiest parenting schedule. Our Dragons curriculum will introduce your child to our system's basic martial arts techniques but, more importantly, it will cover a number of essential life-skills they should be familiar with before starting school. These include: 'Stranger Danger', '911 Phone Skills', 'Fire Safety', 'First Aid', 'Drug Awareness', 'Team Work' and 'Sharing'.

Our instructors are skilled at teaching martial arts to young children through the use of games, races and a range of other activities that convey the content of the lesson while also increasing body awareness, balance, strength and flexibility. Rather than confusing and discouraging pre-schoolers with advanced patterns and self-defense techniques, we strive to make learning fun and exciting while still obtaining the results you expect: increased martial arts ability, respect and inter-personal skills. With regular attendance over 12 to 24 months, your child will graduate into the Little Ninjas program and will have a solid base to prepare them for our standard martial arts program which leads all the way up to a Canadian SMA Academy Black Belt.

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