Canadian Sport Martial Arts Academy Reopening Systems and Guidelines

Our Objective: Begin Providing In-Person Service in a way that is:

  • SAFE
  • FAIR


  • Downstairs Dojo Only
    • Separate Entrance and Exit at the back of CSMA at the Downstairs Dojo
  • Virtual Classes
  • 8 students per class
  • Private Lessons available (Additional Cost)


  • Downstairs Dojo and Upstairs Dojo
    • Separate Entrance and Exit to both Classrooms
  • Virtual Classes
  • 8 Students
  • Private Lessons


  • Downstairs Dojo and Upstairs Dojo
  • Virtual Classes
  • Limited Class Sizes
  • Private Lessons
  • In Studio Birthday Parties
  • Gym (Appointment Only)
  • Lobby and Change rooms


  • Downstairs Dojo and Upstairs Dojo
  • Virtual Classes
  • Limited Class Sizes
  • Private Lessons
  • Gym
  • Lobby and Change room
  • Contact allowed

What are we implementing:

  • CSMA HYBRID Training: In Studio and Remote Training
  • REDEFINED NON-CONTACT Martial Arts Curriculum
  • Mask Policy
    • All Instructors will be wearing Masks/Face Shields when teaching
    • Masks are optional for students
      • If you or your Child will be wearing a mask, we suggest you have them practice at home with one to get used to of it
      • We will continue to monitor Public Health’s Guidelines and assess this policy as we continue to stay open
  • New Classroom Layout
    • Enforcing Social Distancing
    • Number labelled Spots
    • Arrows on Pathways

CSMA New Floor Plan

  • Online Scheduling System with Zenplanner app
    • Allows you to reserve your spot in class
    • Reservations close 24hrs before
    • Instructors will check in students manually
  • Detailed Attendance Tracking in addition to the Zenplanner Scheduling System
  • Limiting Class size to 10 people
    • 8 students
    • 1 instructor to lead the class
    • 1 instructor to ensure social distancing
  • Classes will be 30 minutes long
    • Curriculum based
  • 30 minutes in between classes to clean mats, equipment, and other areas
  • Bathrooms only open for EMERGENCY USE
  • Sanitizing Stations
    • Upon entrance and exit
    • Bathrooms
    • In classroom
  • COVID 19 WaiverM
    • Must be signed digitally through Zenplanner Member Portal
    • You will be emailed when the waiver is on your profile

Scheduling Classes
 Reservations open for classes 1 week ahead of class
 Reserve your spot in class up to 24hrs ahead using Zenplanner App or our Member
 We will not be accepting last minute calls or registrations
 You may only schedule 2 in studio classes a week (for now)
 Instructors will manually check you in for class
 Unlimited Virtual Classes

Before Class

  • MUST arrive 10 -15 minutes before class starts. Admission will be done one at a time at the door. Parents must escort their child to the front door and will be asked to answer any and all health-related questions about their child or anyone they may have been in contact with
  • Upon arrival please form a que in the designated lines outside the Entrance. Please follow proper physical distancing procedures while waiting for admission
  • Due to health and safety reasons we will close the Entrance to our classroom at exactly the start time of the class. Once classes have begun we will have no new students entering the facility
  • Upon admission students will be directed to a designated numbered spot on the mat where they must remain for the entire duration of the class to ensure proper physical distancing from other students and instructors.
  • Sanitation stations are made available at both the entrance and the exit and must be used prior to and after class.
  • Students will be asked to wear their whole karate uniform (gi pants, gi top or csma t shirt, belt) as well as a pair of indoor shoes, flip flops (that may be removed once they are at their spot) or textured grip socks to each class. Face masks, water bottles and personal towels are also acceptable. However, no sparring gear, or gear bags will be permitted in the classroom.

During Class

  • Bathroom facilities are available for emergency use only. Please try to use the bathroom before attending class
  • Students must stay in their designated spots for the entire duration of the class.
  • Physical contact of any sort is expressly forbidden until further notice
  • Any belongings the student brings with them to class must also stay within their designated spot
  • Kiais will not be used in class until further notice
  • If for whatever reason a student is asked to leave the classroom they will be escorted to the exit by an instructor and their parents will be asked to pick them up

After Class

  • After class students will be directed to the Exit one person at a time using our designated lane ways. Students must collect all their belongings if any and use the Sanitation stations before leaving the classroom.
  • We ask that parents be waiting and ready by the Exit to pick up your child as class end

Rules of Conduct when being in Studio **These will be STRICTLY ENFORCED**

  • There will be NO CONTACT permitted in class
    • Hand Shakes
    • Tying belts
    • High Fives
    • Arm Bumps
    • Pad drills
    • Self Defense Routines
    • Break Falls
    • Sparring
  • Students Must stay in their designated spot at all times
    • If your child is not cooperating or social distancing, we will give you a call and respectively ask them to leave
    • Parents are asked to greet us at the front door to answer questions
    • Parents MUST STAY IN THE PARKING LOT and be available by cellphone
    • Parents will be able to view class through window of the Downstairs Classroom
    • Zoom Links will be available for all studio classes
  • Bathrooms are for EMERGENCY USE ONLY
    • Follow Directional arrows to bathrooms
    • Sanitizing Station is available in washrooms
    • Instructor will reinforce proper hygiene
  • You Must Sanitize your hands upon entrance and exiting the classroom
  • Arrive to class in uniform (Change rooms are not available)
  • Please Bring a Water Bottle and/or towel (Water Stations will not be available)
  • No Kiais
    • To prevent any airborne spread of the Virus
  • Please Follow Directional Arrows on the Dojo Mat
  • Please arrive early for class
    • We will have zero tolerance for late students
  • Practice appropriate hygiene
    • If your child is not practicing proper hygiene, we will give you a call and respectively ask them to leave
    • We understand that allergy season is coming up. The population is hypersensitive to illness and perceived illness right now. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms, we ask that you do not come in for classes.

Please be Patient and Considerate

  • These measures are TEMPORARY
  • CSMA is taking this virus seriously and are taking as much precautions as possible, if you have any concerns please bring it up after classes privately
  • We will be sending surveys and make changes and improvements as we go
  • The class offerings and restrictions you see will not last forever.
  • The better we adhere to the Governments recommendations, the sooner we will get to open to regular classes and times.
  • If you are in a vulnerable population, or live with someone who is, please consider NOT scheduling.
  • Virtual Classes is now a permanent feature at CSMA