The health benefits associated with martial arts training extend far into adult life. A healthier and stronger heart, a toned and muscular body, flexible and mobile joints and limbs are just a few of the many benefits our adult members enjoy.

While our sports martial arts program may appear to novices to be “way too hard”, the truth is that all students are encouraged to progress at their own pace. Some new students are able to train 5 days per week and naturally improve by leaps and bounds while others use their martial arts training primarily to maintain their fitness levels or as a way to relieve stress. Whatever your reasons for joining us, know that we are here to help you realize your personal and physical growth through the martial arts.

Our Academy’s teen and adult classes are open to persons 14 years (grade 9) and older. The current average student age is around 30 years old. 

If you’re thinking that you may be too old to get started in the martial arts, you should know that many of our top black belts are over age 45 and many of them didn’t start until well into their 40’s. Unlike other sports, martial arts is an activity where you can excel in your own way at any age due to the wide variety of skills and elements involved.  Our system’s components are so diverse that anyone can find their passion above and beyond the basic requirements of the belt curriculum. This keeps them motivated and excited to train and learn for many, many years.

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