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It’s that time of year again…

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016 in News

Every spring the sun comes up, the flowers bloom, and Team CSMA finds themselves at, at least one tournament every weekend. Not only are we present, but we are dominating! This past weekend Team CSMA represented at The Martial Artist Open, and the KJS Open, with Sensei Ryan competing for his first time ever! Many of the students achieved a number of firsts this weekend, from going to their first competition ever, to trying out new routines, overcoming old injuries and returning to the sparring division, and even winning some of their first medals ever! It was a very satisfying, and exciting weekend for all! On top of that the Charity Dodgeball tournament was a huge success! We raised $400 for the cause and a large bounty of non-perishable foods. The hustle and bustle at CSMA will not stop, be sure to stay updated on everything going on, to make sure you don’t miss a thing! Until next...

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“If you can dodge a kick, you can dodge a ball”

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in News

Okay maybe thats not the exact quote from the iconic Dodgeball movie, but the premise is still the same. This Saturday, May 14, 2016  from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. CSMA is hosting its first ever Charity Dodgeball Tournament in support of the Ottawa Food Bank. Registration is either 5 canned food items, or a $10 donation. – Feel free to donate to the cause even if you don’t intend to participate, all donations are welcome! Grab your friends and come throw some balls around to help support those in need within our community. If you are interested in playing but cannot get a group of people together have no FEAR. There is a sign up sheet at the front desk where you can place your name and leave your teams fate in the hands of the CSMA Staff. Sign-up is open until SATURDAY. Thats right, until the day of this epic event you can register your team, there must be a minimum of two NON-CSMA members on each pre-registered team. Aside from that, team CSMA is heading out to TWO karate tournaments this sunday where we hope to dominate the competition in all disciplines. As well, on a final note the referral challenge is still going on and the competition is TIGHT, be sure to bring in your friends to rack up some points! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at, give us a call at 613.831.8085, or come in and chat with us at the front...

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Nothing can stop CSMA’s momentum this spring!

Posted by on May 5, 2016 in News

So much is happening here at CSMA, it’s hard to know where to begin! April fooled us all and flew by, we had an epic video game party where the Renshi’s sustained their reputation as Super Smash Bro’s masters. Team CSMA continued to dominate the tournament scene, bringing home mountains of hardware from the Quebec Open last weekend, and  there was a beginner/intermediate testing where all the students showed outstanding efforts and truly earned their merits. This sunday, May 8, 2016, we are hosting a two-hour TURF TRAINING SESSION from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the Bell Sensplex in Kanata! Could there be a better way to celebrate Mother’s day?? Be sure to sign yourself, or your child up at the front desk for this special training session open to ALL LEVELS. If you can’t make this one, we do have a sign-up sheet open for another session to be held on June 5, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. CSMA is rolling into May full steam ahead, some could say it MAY be our busiest month of the year (ha ha ha). We have the REFERRAL CHALLENGE still in full effect until May 31, and our CHARITY DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT in support of the Ottawa Food Cupboard on May 14, 2016 (Also known as, Renshi Imran’s birthday). For more information on rules and registration requirements see the poster attached or come talk with anyone at the front desk. The following day, May 15, 2016, Team CSMA is heading to two different tournaments, The Martial Artist Open, located in Ottawa, and the KJS Open, located in Montreal If you’re interested in starting competitions and want to get some more information do not hesitate to talk with any of the instructors as we are always looking to help find ways for our students to challenge themselves and grow! On a final note, our SUMMER CAMP DATES have been released, you will find them listed under our “special programs” tab. Pencil them into your calendar as registration will be opening soon, the instructors are looking forward to some jam-packed weeks full of fun and training! Stay up-to-date with all things CSMA through our Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram  @CSMA_allday. Cheers, CSMA...

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The Spring Referral Challenge is in full effect!

Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 in News

Spring is here, (it’s about time), flowers are blooming and things are buzzing in and around the Dojo! At the beginning of April we launched our second annual SPRING REFERRAL CHALLENGE! We have challenged the students to bring in as many friends as possible between April-May 2016. For each friend they bring in they will receive one point. For every point they receive they will be entered into a draw for secondary prizes if they are not crowned the winner of the referral challenge by the end of May. We have 13 prizes up for grabs, the top three students with the most points will receive: 1st  Place Grand Prize = ANY GAME CONSOLE (Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Wii U), OR Beats Studio Headphones OR $400, plus a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP EXTENSION!!! That is correct, an entire year extension on your child’s karate membership, FOR FREE.  2nd Place Prize – $200 OR a Mountain/Road Bike, plus a 4 Month Membership Extension. 3Rd Place Prize – $100 OR 2 Ottawa Senators Tickets, plus a 2 Month Membership Extension. How do you get points? Grab a free class invitation, hand them out to your friends, make sure your name is one it and that the bring it with them, along with BOTH parents to their first karate class. That will earn you  one point.  If your friend decides to enroll in a one-year membership, you will be awarded an additional five points. If you earn: Five points you will be awarded a CSMA Water bottle Ten points you will be awarded a CSMA T-Shirt Fifteen points you will be awarded a CSMA Sweater Twenty points  you will be awarded a FREE MONTH EXTENSION If you refer TEN new members, you will receive a LIFETIME CSMA MEMBERSHIP. If the student does not place in the top three, they will be eligible for the Draw Prizes for Kids (Ages 17 and Under): •         Custom Performance Weapon •         Private Lesson Combo-Pack (4 Sessions: 1X Ryan, 1X Jordan, 1X Imran, and 1X Stewart) •         Movies Passes for 2 •         2 Passes to Xtreme Trampoline Center •         Free Karate Birthday Party Package •         Ottawa Fury Tickets •         1 week pass for the Martial Arts Warrior Camp •         CSMA Bag •         CSMA Apparel of your choice •         Funhaven Passes for 2 Now all the fun isn’t being reserved for the kids, as ADULTS you will receive DOUBLE your usual rewards.  As you may be aware, throughout the year we have a rewards program where if you refer a friend who signs up for one of our Martial...

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Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in News

On April 4, 2016 CSMA opened it’s doors and held it’s first In-House Tournament of the year! We had over 40 participants show up and show off what they’ve got. It was a great day, extremely fun for all and the instructors left feeling very proud. We completed the event in RECORD TIME, with the epic Team Sparring battle closing the show at a mere 12:40 pm! Perhaps the earliest end-time for a karate tournament ever… (that is not a 100% fact, but an extremely educated guess). The In-House tournaments serve as a great way for our existing competition team members to brush up their stuff heading into the latter half of the tournament season. They also serve as a great opportunity for students interested in competition to try it out and get a feel for how it works, and lastly, they serve as a great open-house for parents, family and friends to come watch our students and see what they can do! The instructors were very impressed with the talent that showed up that saturday morning, congratulations to all who competed. Here are the medal results: -DRAGONS- Skills Competition:  GOLD: Adam Sheppard SILVER: Dario Golsheian BRONZE: Mya Ross -NINJAS- Skills Competition: GOLD: Olli Drolet  SILVER: Anna Hayes BRONZE: Nathan Bisonnette Kata: GOLD Nathan Bisonnette SILVER: Anna Hayes BRONZE: Olli Drolet -YOUTH BEGINNER – Skills Competition: GOLD: Daniel de Matos  SILVER: Nate Frame BRONZE: Abby Hayes Kata: GOLD:  Nate Frame SILVER: Abby Hayes BRONZE: Daniel de Matos Sparring: GOLD: Scott Watson  SILVER: Alexis Heitman BRONZE: Nate Frame Youth Beginner / Intermediate Weapons: GOLD: Nate Frame SILVER: Zakareya Ibrahim BRONZE: Daniel de Matos -YOUTH INTERMEDIATE-  Kata: GOLD: Zakareya Ibrahim SILVER: Lucas El-Komos BRONZE: Francesca El-Komos Sparring1 (Small): GOLD: Zakareya Ibrahim SILVER: Francesca El-Komos BRONZE: Lucas El-Komos Sparring2 (Tall): GOLD: Georgia Keck SILVER: Gurdeep Sahota BRONZE: Sukvir Sahota -YOUTH ADVANCED- Kata: GOLD: Lincoln Sheaff SILVER: Daniel Dilawri BRONZE: Cameron Beal Weapons: GOLD: Lincoln Sheaff SILVER: Daniel Dilawri BRONZE: Cameron Beal Sparring: GOLD: Daniel Dilawri SILVER: Dominic Dillman BRONZE: George Runoff Musical: GOLD: Daniel Dilawri SILVER: Lincoln Sheaff -YOUTH BLACK BELT- Kata: GOLD: Vincent Meh SILVER: Vladimir Varin BRONZE: Paige Galbraith Weapons: GOLD: Vincent Meh SILVER: Vladimir Varin BRONZE: Paige Galbraith Sparring: GOLD: Zachary Harvie SILVER: Abby Harvie BRONZE: Noah Bridgen Musical: GOLD: Paige Galbraith SILVER: Abby Harvie –ADULT KARATE- Kata:  GOLD: Emanuel de Matos SILVER: Michelle Harding BRONZE: Sandi Moser -TEAM SPARRING- GOLD: Team Abby – The TERMINATORS   SILVER: Team Zach   Congratulations to all who competed, you did an exceptional job! Don’t forget from April-May we are hosting our REFERRAL CHALLENGE. Come chat with us at the front desk for some more information!...

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March Madness is BACK!

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in News

We tied off February with the largest testing in CSMA HISTORY, we had 94 students testing! It was quite the day and the instructors are very proud of how hard everyone worked this block, and their presentation on Saturday! February was a great month, but now that March is here the madness has BEGUN. Thats right, MADNESS. Throughout the month of march we are offering FREE ADULT KARATE for all parents of karate members. However, this year we stepped it up a notch. Not only can the parents of current Karate members have the luxury of trying Adult Karate for Free this month. KICKBOXERS may also try adult karate for the month of march, FOR FREE.  But wait – there’s more! CHILDREN of current KICKBOXING members may also try karate during the month of march, thats right, FOR FREE. I KNOW, MADNESS RIGHT. THATS NOT ALL THOUGH. CSMA is hosting our March Break Warrior camp between March 14-18, 2016! There are two types of camps, the Basic Camp and the Elite Camp. Basic March Break Camp: Suitable for individuals who have never tried karate before, and beginner martial artists. Elite March Break Camp: Exclusive to CSMA BBC Members looking to spend a week training and taking their martial arts skills to the next level. Sign up at the front desk today! For all other things CSMA check us out on Facebook and Instagram!...

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Blizzards and Bruises (Kidding, none of those)

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in News

It’s been a busy few weeks at the Dojo. Students have been trekking through the in-climate weather, working hard and  pushing themselves to receive their pre-testing forms for their karate testing this Saturday! The instructors are extremely impressed with the overall progression we have seen in our students, young and old, through this block period.  We are looking forward to this saturday, and yes, parents, there will be complimentary coffee and muffins for your indulgence! As a reminder for our KickBoxers, classes will remain at their usual times on Saturday, while drills is being moved to the upstairs dojo. In other CSMA news, those who stepped up to the XBT challenge are well on their way and results are coming! The great thing about the XBT program is that it is available all year round, not only when we are launching a group event. If you are interested in getting started on it, feel free to come and talk with any of the instructors or the program director to get you started on your fitness journey today! Be sure to check the Facebook page for all things CSMA   Cheers,...

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