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Martial Arts & Fitness Ottawa

Cardio Kick Boxing

Are you looking to get into shape in a fun and effective way? Check out our Cardio Kickboxing program today!

Since CSMA introduced Cardio Kickboxing to our weekly schedule, we have been on the forefront of this ever growing scene. Not only are our Cardio Kickboxing classes filled with variety and provide a great way to get into shape, but they are energy packed and a lot of fun! At The Canadian Sport Martial Arts Academy we recognize the growing demand for this activity and have endeavoured to meet the cry for more of it by providing a flexible schedule to meet your needs. Our cost-effective Cardio Kickboxing memberships allow members to attend as many classes per week as they choose. After your first class, you don’t need to book your time slots – simply show up and get whipped into shape. All of our professional instructors are certified black belts with years of experience as well as have XBT Personal Training recognition (see XBT Course under “Fitness Program” for more details on the XBT Program!). They are also in top notch shape to motivate you like never before!

With CSMA’s Cardio Kickboxing you can burn up to 1200 calories per hour while at the same time learning valuable defence techniques and enjoying yourself! Our classes are open to men and women ages 14 and up who are ready to start living a healthier and happier life. No experience necessary, no uniform required (wear your own workout clothes), and no training partners are mandatory – you will make plenty of new friends in this warm and welcoming environment. If you ever wanted to get in and stay in shape but have found the local gym and its treadmills too boring, this is definitely something you must try. We guarantee that once you try it, you will be hooked! With so many class options per day we can be sure to regularly see you on our mats, investing in your long term health and fitness!