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Martial Arts & Fitness Ottawa

Youth Karate

Today you begin a journey. It is a long and winding trail through difficulties and challenges, joys and rewards. It leads to personal excellence and the development of your inner resources that will determine the kind of person you are. That journey is your goal to reach Black Belt and beyond. Remember “Black Belt” is a way of life and an attitude. It means growing into a leader and a problem solver; one who shows the way by example, and who learns to be of service to others.

As a new student, we understand that you may have many questions and may even be a little nervous about your first few classes. We hope these orientation sheets will help you overcome the new student jitters.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is my first lesson?
    – You are welcome to attend any of our regularly scheduled basic training classes. Please find our current class schedule on the website or the office.
    – Please arrive about 30 minutes before your first introductory class,
  • What do I need to do on my first day?
    – Most importantly, try to be ready at class time. That means be changed into your uniform and have your attendance card ready. If your child is quite young, you may want to ensure that they go to the bathroom before class; interruptions disturb everyone.
    – If your first class is an introductory class, feel free to wear anything you feel comfortable running around and jumping in
    – There are men’s & women’s change rooms available for changing
    – Many people choose to wear their uniforms to and from class, but please remember that your belt is only to be worn in the academy and not outside.
  • Any special instructions about my uniform?
    • Uniforms should be worn for all classes. You may wear one of the clubs t-shirts, instead of the top of the uniform in any curriculum or sparring class
    • Your uniform must be kept clean and neat at all times. Tops should be tucked into pants whether you are wearing a t-shirt or a uniform top.
    • Belts should never be washed. The stuffing will discolor the whole belt.
    • For Kickboxing students, there is no required uniform. Feel free to wear something you can move in easily.
  • Where do I find the attendance cards?
    – There is a box just outside the training room with the cards in it. Your card is the same colour as your belt. If you cannot find your card, please ask the Instructor or the Program Director.
  • How does the attendance card system work?
    – After the class begins your Instructor will collect your card and initial it, signifying your participation in that class. We use these cards to ensure you are coming in on a regular basis. You will probably get a call from us if you miss too many classes – we care!
    – Coming up to your next testing date, as instructors we will qualify you for testing by both analyzing your skill level as well as your attendance records. You are required 2 classes per week to qualify for advancement.