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Martial Arts & Fitness Ottawa

Little Ninjas (5-7)

Our Little Ninjas program is geared towards children aged 5 to 7.  The Little Ninjas curriculum will not only teach your child the basics of martial arts, but will also begin to introduce them to specialized Karate patterns and Self-Defense techniques. Not only do we teach fantastic Martial Arts to this age group, but we also ensure that we provide training that impacts each individual’s mental strength and character. Benefits that our Little Ninjas experience through this program include increased coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility, along with concentration, respect, focus, and listening skills. Our Ninja students have so much fun in these classes without even realizing the important character and developmental skills they are acquiring alongside the Martial Arts instruction. “Semi-Contact Sparring” and “Jiu-Jitsu” techniques are omitted from the curriculum until children reach the Youth Program (8-13 years).

The curriculum covered in our Little Ninjas program includes the same lessons and skills as the Youth and Adult Karate programs, yet the material is taught in an age-specific manner. For the Little Ninjas, we focus on disguised repetition and action-packed classes to keep your child energized and focused from beginning to end. Once your child has graduated to the Green Belt level (12 to 36 months) they will be ready to join our fast-paced Youth program which will take them all the way to achieving their CSMA Black Belt!