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Martial Arts & Fitness Ottawa

Little Dragons (3-5)

Our Little Dragons program is geared towards children aged 3 to 5.  The Little Dragons curriculum will introduce your child to our system’s basic Martial Arts techniques.  Our black belt instructors are highly skilled and have years of experience in Martial Arts instruction.  As your child starts to progress through these fun and engaging classes, they will develop essential life skills that will impact their daily routine.  These skills include both physical aspects (Balance, Strength, Flexibility, etc.) as well as mental ones (Focus, Respect, Listening skills, etc.).

Rather than confusing and discouraging pre-schoolers with advanced patterns and self-defence techniques, we strive to make learning fun and exciting while still obtaining the results you expect: increased Martial Arts ability and development of strong, positive character traits. With regular attendance over 12 to 24 months, your child will be ready to graduate into our Little Ninjas program. At this point they will have developed the fundamental skills to prepare them for our standard Martial Arts program, leading all the way up to a Canadian SMA Academy Black Belt!