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Martial Arts & Fitness Ottawa


Welcome to the Canadian Sport Martial Arts Academy!

Are you looking to get involved in Martial Arts and work your way up to achieving a Black Belt? Or are you more interested in getting in shape in a fun and upbeat way? Whatever your goal may be, we are here to provide what you need! In our Karate program, members learn the disciplines of strength, focus, concentration, agility, respect, and much more. The Kickboxing program, provided for adults only, engages anyone from wanting to just add activity to their daily routine, to highly competitive athletes.  Our age and program-specific curriculum will cater to anyone interested in improving their daily life from ages 3 to 93! Our programs require no experience – only the will to learn and the patience to excel.

Our professional instructors are led by 3 time World Champion Renshi Stewart Wilkinson and 2 time World Champion Renshi Imran Jaffer. These Renshis and their highly esteemed team of instructors work with individuals and families to ensure an excellent and thorough Martial Arts experience.

The Canadian Sport Martial Arts Academy trains competitors to excel in local, national, and international competitions. Over the past five years more than 50 students have represented our Academy at various world championship events (WKA and WAKO) and have combined for over 60 world titles in Semi-Contact Karate, Kickboxing, and Weapons divisions.

CSMA is the originator of the prestigious Xtreme Body Transformation Course (XBT). If you are looking to get yourself back into shape, break trough a plateau, or simply improve your overall health, then CSMA is the place for you! Our staff will be more than happy to help you reach and go beyond your fitness goals.

Come train with us!

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