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The Spring Referral Challenge is in full effect!

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Spring is here, (it’s about time), flowers are blooming and things are buzzing in and around the Dojo! At the beginning of April we launched our second annual SPRING REFERRAL CHALLENGE! We have challenged the students to bring in as many friends as possible between April-May 2016. For each friend they bring in they will receive one point. For every point they receive they will be entered into a draw for secondary prizes if they are not crowned the winner of the referral challenge by the end of May. We have 13 prizes up for grabs, the top three students with the most points will receive: 1st  Place Grand Prize = ANY GAME CONSOLE (Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Wii U), OR Beats Studio Headphones OR $400, plus a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP EXTENSION!!! That is correct, an entire year extension on your child’s karate membership, FOR FREE.  2nd Place Prize – $200 OR a Mountain/Road Bike, plus a 4 Month Membership Extension. 3Rd Place Prize – $100 OR 2 Ottawa Senators Tickets, plus a 2 Month Membership Extension. How do you get points? Grab a free class invitation, hand them out to your friends, make sure your name is one it and that the bring it with them, along with BOTH parents to their first karate class. That will earn you  one point.  If your friend decides to enroll in a one-year membership, you will be awarded an additional five points. If you earn: Five points you will be awarded a CSMA Water bottle Ten points you will be awarded a CSMA T-Shirt Fifteen points you will be awarded a CSMA Sweater Twenty points  you will be awarded a FREE MONTH EXTENSION If you refer TEN new members, you will receive a LIFETIME CSMA MEMBERSHIP. If the student does not place in the top three, they will be eligible for the Draw Prizes for Kids (Ages 17 and Under): •         Custom Performance Weapon •         Private Lesson Combo-Pack (4 Sessions: 1X Ryan, 1X Jordan, 1X Imran, and 1X Stewart) •         Movies Passes for 2 •         2 Passes to Xtreme Trampoline Center •         Free Karate Birthday Party Package •         Ottawa Fury Tickets •         1 week pass for the Martial Arts Warrior Camp •         CSMA Bag •         CSMA Apparel of your choice •         Funhaven Passes for 2 Now all the fun isn’t being reserved for the kids, as ADULTS you will receive DOUBLE your usual rewards.  As you may be aware, throughout the year we have a rewards program where if you refer a friend who signs up for one of our Martial Arts programs, you receive a cheque for $50. During the 60 day Spring Rewards Challenge the rewards program will be on hold for the kids. For adults who refer a member they will receive DOUBLE rewards which results in a cheque for $100!!! Come by the front desk and get your FREE CLASS...

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On April 4, 2016 CSMA opened it’s doors and held it’s first In-House Tournament of the year! We had over 40 participants show up and show off what they’ve got. It was a great day, extremely fun for all and the instructors left feeling very proud. We completed the event in RECORD TIME, with the epic Team Sparring battle closing the show at a mere 12:40 pm! Perhaps the earliest end-time for a karate tournament ever… (that is not a 100% fact, but an extremely educated guess). The In-House tournaments serve as a great way for our existing competition team members to brush up their stuff heading into the latter half of the tournament season. They also serve as a great opportunity for students interested in competition to try it out and get a feel for how it works, and lastly, they serve as a great open-house for parents, family and friends to come watch our students and see what they can do! The instructors were very impressed with the talent that showed up that saturday morning, congratulations to all who competed. Here are the medal results: -DRAGONS- Skills Competition:  GOLD: Adam Sheppard SILVER: Dario Golsheian BRONZE: Mya Ross -NINJAS- Skills Competition: GOLD: Olli Drolet  SILVER: Anna Hayes BRONZE: Nathan Bisonnette Kata: GOLD Nathan Bisonnette SILVER: Anna Hayes BRONZE: Olli Drolet -YOUTH BEGINNER – Skills Competition: GOLD: Daniel de Matos  SILVER: Nate Frame BRONZE: Abby Hayes Kata: GOLD:  Nate Frame SILVER: Abby Hayes BRONZE: Daniel de Matos Sparring: GOLD: Scott Watson  SILVER: Alexis Heitman BRONZE: Nate Frame Youth Beginner / Intermediate Weapons: GOLD: Nate Frame SILVER: Zakareya Ibrahim BRONZE: Daniel de Matos -YOUTH INTERMEDIATE-  Kata: GOLD: Zakareya Ibrahim SILVER: Lucas El-Komos BRONZE: Francesca El-Komos Sparring1 (Small): GOLD: Zakareya Ibrahim SILVER: Francesca El-Komos BRONZE: Lucas El-Komos Sparring2 (Tall): GOLD: Georgia Keck SILVER: Gurdeep Sahota BRONZE: Sukvir Sahota -YOUTH ADVANCED- Kata: GOLD: Lincoln Sheaff SILVER: Daniel Dilawri BRONZE: Cameron Beal Weapons: GOLD: Lincoln Sheaff SILVER: Daniel Dilawri BRONZE: Cameron Beal Sparring: GOLD: Daniel Dilawri SILVER: Dominic Dillman BRONZE: George Runoff Musical: GOLD: Daniel Dilawri SILVER: Lincoln Sheaff -YOUTH BLACK BELT- Kata: GOLD: Vincent Meh SILVER: Vladimir Varin BRONZE: Paige Galbraith Weapons: GOLD: Vincent Meh SILVER: Vladimir Varin BRONZE: Paige Galbraith Sparring: GOLD: Zachary Harvie SILVER: Abby Harvie BRONZE: Noah Bridgen Musical: GOLD: Paige Galbraith SILVER: Abby Harvie –ADULT KARATE- Kata:  GOLD: Emanuel de Matos SILVER: Michelle Harding BRONZE: Sandi Moser -TEAM SPARRING- GOLD: Team Abby – The TERMINATORS   SILVER: Team Zach   Congratulations to all who competed, you did an exceptional job! Don’t forget from April-May we are hosting our REFERRAL CHALLENGE. Come chat with us at the front desk for some more information!...

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March Madness is BACK!

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We tied off February with the largest testing in CSMA HISTORY, we had 94 students testing! It was quite the day and the instructors are very proud of how hard everyone worked this block, and their presentation on Saturday! February was a great month, but now that March is here the madness has BEGUN. Thats right, MADNESS. Throughout the month of march we are offering FREE ADULT KARATE for all parents of karate members. However, this year we stepped it up a notch. Not only can the parents of current Karate members have the luxury of trying Adult Karate for Free this month. KICKBOXERS may also try adult karate for the month of march, FOR FREE.  But wait – there’s more! CHILDREN of current KICKBOXING members may also try karate during the month of march, thats right, FOR FREE. I KNOW, MADNESS RIGHT. THATS NOT ALL THOUGH. CSMA is hosting our March Break Warrior camp between March 14-18, 2016! There are two types of camps, the Basic Camp and the Elite Camp. Basic March Break Camp: Suitable for individuals who have never tried karate before, and beginner martial artists. Elite March Break Camp: Exclusive to CSMA BBC Members looking to spend a week training and taking their martial arts skills to the next level. Sign up at the front desk today! For all other things CSMA check us out on Facebook and Instagram!...

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Blizzards and Bruises (Kidding, none of those)

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It’s been a busy few weeks at the Dojo. Students have been trekking through the in-climate weather, working hard and  pushing themselves to receive their pre-testing forms for their karate testing this Saturday! The instructors are extremely impressed with the overall progression we have seen in our students, young and old, through this block period.  We are looking forward to this saturday, and yes, parents, there will be complimentary coffee and muffins for your indulgence! As a reminder for our KickBoxers, classes will remain at their usual times on Saturday, while drills is being moved to the upstairs dojo. In other CSMA news, those who stepped up to the XBT challenge are well on their way and results are coming! The great thing about the XBT program is that it is available all year round, not only when we are launching a group event. If you are interested in getting started on it, feel free to come and talk with any of the instructors or the program director to get you started on your fitness journey today! Be sure to check the Facebook page for all things CSMA   Cheers,...

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Feeling the Love in February

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February is usually a month of dreary weather, mountains of chocolate, and ever so slightly longer days. However 2016 has granted us with some not-too shabby “Winter” weather, and we could not be more enthused. On February 6th, this saturday, we are launching our first XBT program of 2016, there are still a few spots available, inquire via e-mail, call, or come in and chat at the front desk for more details! Everyone loves to treat themselves, and hey we don’t blame you. However living a healthy lifestyle is a combination of physical exercise and nutritional moderation. A common misconception is “You can never too much of a good thing.” Unfortunately, as much as eating too much chocolate can harm your health, a lack of balance between good nutrition and healthy exercise habits can also have a negative impact on your body.  At CSMA, we firmly believe in practicing moderation, teamwork and that couples who train together, stay together!  We are excited to announce we are having our 2nd annual FREE Couples Workout!  Where: CSMA ( 59 Iber, rd.) When: Saturday February 13, 2016 Time: 5-7 pm Who: All CSMA couples and/or BFF’s of CSMA adult members!  Cost: ZERO DOLLARS.  Sign-up at the front desk to reserve your spot!   Double check our winter schedule on the “Schedules” page of the website to confirm your class type and style for this evening and the rest of the week! See you soon! – CSMA...

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No such thing as “slow January” with CSMA

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January isn’t over and Team CSMA has been raking in the awards already! Sensei Kaiser Tam won a “Top Ten” NASKA award at the AKA Grand Nationals. Both him and Valdimir Varin went to the tournament and both placed very well in their respective divisions. Secondly, Sensei Bren Hunter won and “Athlete of the year” award for Martial Arts at the Ottawa Sports Awards on January 27th! Sensei Bren has been training with the instructors of CSMA since he was 6 years old, and each of us are very proud of him! This saturday is the first tournament of the year that Team CSMA will be heading to in Rive-Nord Montreal. Team CSMA has trained extremely hard since the beginning of 2016 and the students are ready to unveil some new stuff! Classes will resume as usual on the tournament day. In other CSMA news we are launching our XBT on February 6th! Be sure to check in at the front desk for more information, existing members get 50% off! This is also the first week of the new schedule, so double check before leaving for your classes! Until next time,...

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The Wind Chill won’t stop CSMA’s Heat Wave

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Although the weather is cooling down things are continuing to heat up here at CSMA. Classes are growing and evolving and we could not be more thrilled! We are excited to announce that on February 6, 2016 we will be launching our first XBT of 2016! The XBT program is an al inclusive 8-week training regimen that combines cardio, weight training and an easy-to-follow nutrition plan to help you kick-start achieving your weight lost goals! Current CSMA members will receive 50% off the enrollment price. Give us a call, or come chat with us at the front desk for more information, or to sign your self up today!   Secondly, on Monday January 25th, yes, this coming Monday we are launching our Winter Schedule. There are numerous additions and slight time changes so be sure to grab a copy of it at the front desk!   The largest changes to note are as follow:   –       There will now be Intermediate only and Advanced Only youth karate classes! –       We have introduced an Adult Bo class. –       BBC classes on Saturday have been moved around, be sure to double-check the class times. –       All weekday evening kickboxing classes will be starting at 7pm.   If you have any questions to not hesitate to contact...

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Welcome 2k16!

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CSMA had an amazing 2015, and we’ve continued that momentum through to the New Year. Members of team CSMA are already heading to Chicago this weekend to compete in their first tournament of the year, the AKA Warrior Cup! Classes have been packed and the instructors are fired up and ready to help all the members achieve their fitness goals for 2016. Do you have any goals you’d like to achieve for 2016 but you need a little extra motivation to achieve? Let us know! If you find yourself feeling a little bit stuck in a winter slump, and need a helping hand getting yourself back into the gym look no further! At the end of January we will be launching a group XBT program! What is the XBT? It’s CSMA’s very own Extreme Body Transformation program, an intensive two month program guaranteed to get you kick started to a new, healthier you! If you’re interested feel free to give us a call or come in and chat with us at the front desk! Lastly, make sure to come in and grab a new schedule that will be active Monday January 25, 2016. There are numerous changes to the schedules with some brand new class editions. For instance, many of the intermediate and advanced classes have been split up, and we’ve added a brand new Adult Bo Class! Get ready for an exciting year at CSMA, it’ll be one for the books! Until next time, CSMA Staff...

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Christmas Party / 2015 Wrap-Up

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On December 6th we had an enormous potluck Christmas party where we celebrated the success of CSMA and each of its members. There was a wide variety of food, and lots of it. In honour of our amazing students the Instructors handed out mountains of awards. A huge congratulations goes to the following: Most Improved Students: Dragons: Layla Hassan Ninjas: Sasha Tsvirinkal Youth Beginner: Sathana Anand Youth Intermediate: Yash Luthria Youth Advanced: Mario Campbell Adult Karate: Sandi Moser The Great Speed Award: Geogria Keck Black Belt Attitude Award: Jake Keck Assistant Instructor of the Year: Sensei James Roberts   2015 was a huge year for our Competition team, so we took some time out of our Christmas party to distribute awards to the team specifically for all of their successes! As a school, we brought home 41 medals from the World Championships in Spain. As well, as a team overall, we took home over 100 first place positions throughout the 2014/2015 tournament season! Iron Man Award winners (competed in 6 or more tournaments): Sensei Bren Hunter,  Sensei Emma Cross, Sensei James Roberts, Sensei Kaiser Tam, Sensei Kenneth Yeung, Daniel Dilawri, Abagael Harvie, Sensei Noah Bridgen, Zachary Harvie, Sensei Paige Galbraith, Sensei  Vincent Meh, Sensei Vladimir Varin, Lincoln Sheaff. Fighter of the year: Sensei Danny Campbell Runner ups: Zachary Harvie, Sensei Paige Galbraith Forms Competitor of the year: Sensei Kaiser Tam Runner ups: Sensei Kenneth Yeung, Sensei Vincent Meh Weapons Competitor of the year: Sensei Vincent Meh Runner ups: Sensei Kaiser Tam, Sensei Vladmir Varin Most improved competitor of the year: Sensei Kenneth Yeung Black Belt Attitude Award: Daniel Dilawri Elite Star Award (achieved 10 or more 1st place finishes):  Sensei Kaiser Tam, Sensei Vincent Meg, Sensei Paige Galbraith, Sensei Vladimir Varin, Lincoln Sheaff, Sensei Kenneth Yeung, Sensei Bren Hunter, and Sensei Emma Cross. Diamond Award – competed in the most tournaments: Sensei Kaiser Tam   Now as instructors, we all know none of our amazing students would be capable of training at CSMA without their superstar parents, so we honoured two of our most outstanding karate parents! Karate Dad of the year: Mr. Chris Morrison Karate Mom of the year: Ms. Holiday Little 2015  was an excellent year for CSMA and we’d like to thank all of our amazing members for such a great year of training. WE look forward to continue this momentum into 2016. Happy Holidays! Be sure to check on Facebook or at the front desk for our modified schedule for the...

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Getting ready to finish off 2015

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2015 was an outstanding year for CSMA. We worked, trained and played hard all year. We would like to thank all the members for their continued support of CSMA, and we look forward to some exciting changes in the new year. 2015 has been a successful year for the school both inside and out, and we have all of you to thank for that! Team CSMA dominated all kinds of tournament circuits this year, and we are so unbelievably proud of each of our students that went out and put their skills to the test. Especially those who tried competing for the first time this year, we look to grow out competition team and to continue this momentum in 2016! The programs at the school have been expanding like crazy, so keep your eye out for a new schedule to be launched by the end of January! There is however a  Modified Holiday Schedule, that will take effect between Christmas and New Years, please see the front desk and grab yourself a copy before you head out for Holidays! The staff as CSMA would like to thank you, and congratulate you all for an excellent year of training, and we look forward to 2016 with each and every one of you! All the best, CSMA...

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