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Martial Arts & Fitness Ottawa

August at the dojo

We’re going to keep this short, but sweet and informative!

This summer has been buzzing, as per usual.

The students are continuing to dominate the summer tournament season on the NASKA circuit. The summer camps went well, the kids enjoyed fun filled weeks with the counsellors, and pre-testing is in full swing!

Over the next few weeks the beginner and intermediate students will be tested in class, in hopes of passing and being able to attend the testing on Saturday August 27, 2016. 

If your child has yet to receive their pre-testing form be sure they know what they need to work on in the coming days to give themselves the best chances of passing.   On that note…please make sure all pre-testing forms are submitted by Wednesday August 25, 2016. All forms submitted after that date will be subject to the $30 late fee. 

Good luck to all those during pre-testing, we’re looking forward to see you at the testing!