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Martial Arts & Fitness Ottawa

Oh the joys of Summer Camp…

Who doesn’t love summer? The sun is shining, people are sweating… (profusely), and kids have the freedom to run and play, all day long.

This is both a joy for parents, who have their kids asking to go to bed at 5:00p.m., and also a (debatable) joy for the many camp counsellors across the city, who look forward to  the next day of work, facilitating the running, playing, and fun-times for their campers.

This is no different at CSMA’s Summer Warrior Camp, except for the fact that we mix in some martial arts to make it not only an extremely fun, but also educational experience for the campers. When they come to the Summer Warrior Camp, they will have the opportunity to learn basic martial arts skills, self defence, and useful life skills such as stranger danger, all while having fun!

For the pre-existing CSMA BBC Members, they will take part in the elite camp, where they have an opportunity to boost their skills in kata, weapons, sparring and self-defence. Have no fear, they stop to have fun with the rest of the group as well.

The Warrior Camp is filled with water gun fights, swimming, fort building, exploring and of course, movie watching (only on Friday afternoon, we promise!).

Doesn’t this sound like the best week of your child’s life?! We thought so, there’s still time to enrol for our third and final week of Summer Camp! From August 8- August 12, 2016.

If you’re interested (and you know you are) stop by the front desk today to sign up, give us a call at 613.831.8085, or send us an email at

In other news we are just about half-way through this curriculum block, so be sure to ask an instructor for some extra help, or clarification on anything you’re struggling with! Other than that, the CSMA team hopes you’re enjoying your summer!

Until next time,

CSMA Staff