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Spring has come and gone… and so have most of the tournaments!

Congratulations to our Spring Referral Challenge winner Daniel de Matos!!

Spring is a time where the weather is a mixed bag, from one day to the next, and even from the start of the day to the end of the day… you have to bring 6 outfits to ensure you will be comfortable.

The great thing for CSMA athletes is that they’re used to this type of packing, as many of them need about five outfit changes at each tournament.

Over the past two months there hasn’t been a weekend without at least one of our CSMA athletes competing, nationally or internationally. However, there has also not been a weekend where Team  CSMA has not returned without a first place trophy, so that’s pretty good I guess… (okay, it’s pretty amazing).

The students train hard all year, compete hard all tournament season, and for most they do so with one goal in mind, to make Team Canada. The weekend they have been waiting for just passed on June 11&12th in Montreal. Fifteen CSMA athletes went and left everything out on the mat in efforts to qualify for Team Canada.

Congratulations goes out to those of Team CSMA who qualified for the WKC National Karate Team, as well as the WKU National Karate Team. Those who qualified will be representing Canada at Competitions in Dublin, Ireland, and Orlando, U.S.A this upcoming fall!

Stay tuned for more exciting CSMA updates. Come check us out at the KRC Hill on Canada Day!