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Martial Arts & Fitness Ottawa

The Spring Referral Challenge is in full effect!

Spring is here, (it’s about time), flowers are blooming and things are buzzing in and around the Dojo!

At the beginning of April we launched our second annual SPRING REFERRAL CHALLENGE! We have challenged the students to bring in as many friends as possible between April-May 2016. For each friend they bring in they will receive one point. For every point they receive they will be entered into a draw for secondary prizes if they are not crowned the winner of the referral challenge by the end of May.

We have 13 prizes up for grabs, the top three students with the most points will receive:

1st  Place Grand Prize = ANY GAME CONSOLE (Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Wii U), OR Beats Studio Headphones OR $400, plus a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP EXTENSION!!! That is correct, an entire year extension on your child’s karate membership, FOR FREE. 

2nd Place Prize – $200 OR a Mountain/Road Bike, plus a 4 Month Membership Extension.

3Rd Place Prize – $100 OR 2 Ottawa Senators Tickets, plus a 2 Month Membership Extension.

How do you get points?

  1. Grab a free class invitation, hand them out to your friends, make sure your name is one it and that the bring it with them, along with BOTH parents to their first karate class. That will earn you  one point. 
  2. If your friend decides to enroll in a one-year membership, you will be awarded an additional five points.

If you earn:

Five points you will be awarded a CSMA Water bottle

Ten points you will be awarded a CSMA T-Shirt

Fifteen points you will be awarded a CSMA Sweater

Twenty points  you will be awarded a FREE MONTH EXTENSION

If you refer TEN new members, you will receive a LIFETIME CSMA MEMBERSHIP.

If the student does not place in the top three, they will be eligible for the Draw Prizes for Kids (Ages 17 and Under):

         Custom Performance Weapon

         Private Lesson Combo-Pack (4 Sessions: 1X Ryan, 1X Jordan, 1X Imran, and 1X Stewart)

         Movies Passes for 2

         2 Passes to Xtreme Trampoline Center

         Free Karate Birthday Party Package

         Ottawa Fury Tickets

         1 week pass for the Martial Arts Warrior Camp

         CSMA Bag

         CSMA Apparel of your choice

         Funhaven Passes for 2

Now all the fun isn’t being reserved for the kids, as ADULTS you will receive DOUBLE your usual rewards.  As you may be aware, throughout the year we have a rewards program where if you refer a friend who signs up for one of our Martial Arts programs, you receive a cheque for $50. During the 60 day Spring Rewards Challenge the rewards program will be on hold for the kids. For adults who refer a member they will receive DOUBLE rewards which results in a cheque for $100!!!

Come by the front desk and get your FREE CLASS PASSES today!