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Martial Arts & Fitness Ottawa


On April 4, 2016 CSMA opened it’s doors and held it’s first In-House Tournament of the year! We had over 40 participants show up and show off what they’ve got. It was a great day, extremely fun for all and the instructors left feeling very proud.

We completed the event in RECORD TIME, with the epic Team Sparring battle closing the show at a mere 12:40 pm! Perhaps the earliest end-time for a karate tournament ever… (that is not a 100% fact, but an extremely educated guess).

The In-House tournaments serve as a great way for our existing competition team members to brush up their stuff heading into the latter half of the tournament season. They also serve as a great opportunity for students interested in competition to try it out and get a feel for how it works, and lastly, they serve as a great open-house for parents, family and friends to come watch our students and see what they can do!

The instructors were very impressed with the talent that showed up that saturday morning, congratulations to all who competed. Here are the medal results:


Skills Competition:  GOLD: Adam Sheppard SILVER: Dario Golsheian BRONZE: Mya Ross


Skills Competition: GOLD: Olli Drolet  SILVER: Anna Hayes BRONZE: Nathan Bisonnette

Kata: GOLD Nathan Bisonnette SILVER: Anna Hayes BRONZE: Olli Drolet


Skills Competition: GOLD: Daniel de Matos  SILVER: Nate Frame BRONZE: Abby Hayes

Kata: GOLD:  Nate Frame SILVER: Abby Hayes BRONZE: Daniel de Matos

Sparring: GOLD: Scott Watson  SILVER: Alexis Heitman BRONZE: Nate Frame

Youth Beginner / Intermediate Weapons: GOLD: Nate Frame SILVER: Zakareya Ibrahim BRONZE: Daniel de Matos


 KataGOLD: Zakareya Ibrahim SILVER: Lucas El-Komos BRONZE: Francesca El-Komos

Sparring1 (Small): GOLD: Zakareya Ibrahim SILVER: Francesca El-Komos BRONZE: Lucas El-Komos

Sparring2 (Tall): GOLD: Georgia Keck SILVER: Gurdeep Sahota BRONZE: Sukvir Sahota


Kata: GOLD: Lincoln Sheaff SILVER: Daniel Dilawri BRONZE: Cameron Beal

Weapons: GOLD: Lincoln Sheaff SILVER: Daniel Dilawri BRONZE: Cameron Beal

Sparring: GOLD: Daniel Dilawri SILVER: Dominic Dillman BRONZE: George Runoff

Musical: GOLD: Daniel Dilawri SILVER: Lincoln Sheaff


Kata: GOLD: Vincent Meh SILVER: Vladimir Varin BRONZE: Paige Galbraith

Weapons: GOLD: Vincent Meh SILVER: Vladimir Varin BRONZE: Paige Galbraith

Sparring: GOLD: Zachary Harvie SILVER: Abby Harvie BRONZE: Noah Bridgen

Musical: GOLD: Paige Galbraith SILVER: Abby Harvie


Kata:  GOLD: Emanuel de Matos SILVER: Michelle Harding BRONZE: Sandi Moser


GOLD: Team Abby – The TERMINATORS   SILVER: Team Zach


Congratulations to all who competed, you did an exceptional job! Don’t forget from April-May we are hosting our REFERRAL CHALLENGE. Come chat with us at the front desk for some more information!