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March Madness is BACK!

We tied off February with the largest testing in CSMA HISTORY, we had 94 students testing! It was quite the day and the instructors are very proud of how hard everyone worked this block, and their presentation on Saturday!

February was a great month, but now that March is here the madness has BEGUN. Thats right, MADNESS.

Throughout the month of march we are offering FREE ADULT KARATE for all parents of karate members.

However, this year we stepped it up a notch. Not only can the parents of current Karate members have the luxury of trying Adult Karate for Free this month. KICKBOXERS may also try adult karate for the month of march, FOR FREE. 

But wait – there’s more!

CHILDREN of current KICKBOXING members may also try karate during the month of march, thats right, FOR FREE.

I KNOW, MADNESS RIGHT.March Break Camp Flyer


CSMA is hosting our March Break Warrior camp between March 14-18, 2016!
There are two types of camps, the Basic Camp and the Elite Camp.

Basic March Break Camp: Suitable for individuals who have never tried karate before, and beginner martial artists.

Elite March Break Camp: Exclusive to CSMA BBC Members looking to spend a week training and taking their martial arts skills to the next level.

Sign up at the front desk today!

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