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Martial Arts & Fitness Ottawa

Blizzards and Bruises (Kidding, none of those)

It’s been a busy few weeks at the Dojo.

Students have been trekking through the in-climate weather, working hard and  pushing themselves to receive their pre-testing forms for their karate testing this Saturday! The instructors are extremely impressed with the overall progression we have seen in our students, young and old, through this block period.  We are looking forward to this saturday, and yes, parents, there will be complimentary coffee and muffins for your indulgence!

As a reminder for our KickBoxers, classes will remain at their usual times on Saturday, while drills is being moved to the upstairs dojo.

In other CSMA news, those who stepped up to the XBT challenge are well on their way and results are coming! The great thing about the XBT program is that it is available all year round, not only when we are launching a group event. If you are interested in getting started on it, feel free to come and talk with any of the instructors or the program director to get you started on your fitness journey today!

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