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Kickin’ it into High Gear at CSMA

Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 in News

Everyday is guaranteed to be action packed at the Canadian Sport and Martial Arts Academy (CSMA), but these days energy levels are through the roof. The management team, consisting of Ben Stewart, Club Founder; Arthur Smolarkiewicz, General Manager; Jason Dupuis, Head Instructor; Jenn Morgan, Operational Manager, and Stewart Wilkinson, Senior Instructor, is making some dramatic and exciting changes in an effort to maintain their reputation as the most successful martial arts school in Ottawa. Let’s face it they have a distinct advantage already. You won’t find this many world champion martial artists under one roof anywhere in the NCR. In fact, did you know CSMA is the #1 independent competitive club in Canada? World champions, and members of Team Canada teach classes, design programs and participate in all areas of club development. CSMA is setting the standard for other clubs to follow. Anyone who sets foot in the club knows that hard work is the only way to stay on top of your game – the CSMA management team has been hard at work making some serious improvements. A few of the progressive changes you’ll see happening at the club include the replacement of worn equipment. Training as hard as CSMA club members do takes its toll on even the most well maintained equipment, so look forward to the appearance of gloves, bags and other new pieces around the dojo. Don’t worry they haven’t forgotten the gym. The bikes, treadmills, and steppers will run like new again after the servicing crew gets finished with them. Anyone involved in martial arts knows there’s nothing like a spinning bo staff for taking chunks out of walls, but a fresh coat of paint is going to take care of that. Everyone loves technology. Bet you didn’t know electronics could play a big role in the success of a dojo. In particular a camera system that allows parents to watch their kids training classes on monitors. How convenient is that? With some students taking eight to ten classes per week staff will make good use of iPads for tracking attendance quickly and efficiently as students come and go. Changes are being made to operational systems as well. CSMA families participating in martial arts programs had their calendars marked for grading every eight weeks on a Sunday. Hard training members found Sunday, typically their rest day to be inconvenient – often taking them away from their families and other activities. Club management listened, and changed grading day to Saturday....

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